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Learn how to get started with Systam One kiosk app and discover the full potential of our VMS solution.

How to get started

Already purchased the solution?

  • Sign-in to your Systam One dashboard.
  • Aquire an authentication code under device settings.
  • Paste the code to kiosk app.

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  • Discover the true benefits of Systam One Visitor Management.
  • Contact our sales.
  • Start customizing your visitor flow.

Greet visitors with smooth sign-in

Elevate your visitor experience

Systam One automates the entire visitor path. With our self-service kiosks’ 24/7 operational capability, visitors can sign-in fast and have a smooth experience even without front desk personnel. This shift will lead to substantial savings by reducing the need for manual oversight.

  • Save time and money
  • Enhance visitor experience and security
  • Comply with the GDPR and audit requirements
  • Secure your visitor records with a safe and effective solution

How it works

Before the

  1. Easy invites using your own calendar
  2. A notification for the visitor with pre-arrival instructions, registration, and needed inductions
  3. Individual PIN code for a smooth arrival

During the visit

  1. Quick sign-in with the PIN code
  2. Badge printing
  3. Notification to the host
  4. A great meeting!

After the visit

  1. Easy sign-out with the visitor badge
  2. Visitor data safely in the cloud
  3. Message to thank or collect feedback

Upgrade your front desk with superior features.

Automated sign-in

Simple and automated sign-in using a PIN-code or name on a tablet device.

Instant notifications

Send pre-arrival messages to visitors and notify employees automatically.

Bange printing

Professional and custom visitor badge creation and printing.

Customizable flow

Customize multi-lingual sign-in flows for different visitor groups.

Secure visitor records

Detailed visitor information in case of any emergencies.

Analytics and reporting

Generate reports to pass audits and use visitor analytics to enhance facility operations.

One solution for seamless meeting management

Why stop at visitor management, when you can achieve so much more with just One solution? With Systam One you can welcome your guests, take care of necessary safety inductions, and book meeting rooms at the same time. Let our smart automation take care of everything. Ready to take the first steps towards taming the meeting madness?

Why Systam One? The complete visitor experience

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