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The automated front desk

Don’t let your reception be a bottleneck. Streamline welcome with front desk automation.

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Imagine a purely efficient and seamless workplace where visitors sign themselves in quickly while ensuring security, and compliance requirements. This is the reality of companies using visitor management software. Automated front desks eliminate manual processes and are designed to revolutionize how guests are welcomed. With just a few taps on an tablet or our dedicated device, visitors can sign in, beginning a modern, efficient, and unforgettable visit to your premises.

24/7 reception that doesn’t tie your staff

Our automated visitor management system replaces the need for manual reception tasks, offering a streamlined, sign-in experience. A self-service kiosk placed in a visible location in the arrival lobby along with clear instructions will guide visitors through the arrival procedure whenever needed – with minimal costs. Visitors enjoy a swift, modern sign-in process 24/7 without the need to have staff on call.

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Let’s talk about costs

By introducing a visitor management solution, businesses can drastically reduce the overhead of staffing a front desk. Automating visitor sign-ins streamlines the reception process and allows your team to allocate human resources more effectively, focusing on strategic tasks that drive growth.

Key features

Easy invites

Don’t mess up your routine. Invite guests directly from your preferred calendar like you’re used to.

Self-service sign-in

No need for front desk personnel. Smooth the way 24/7 and welcome your visitors with multilingual self-service kiosks.

Badge printing

Identify your guests by custom badge creation and printing, making every visit more professional.

Instant notifications

We’ll keep you and your visitors on top of things with automatic pre-arrival messages and notifications.

Secure visitor records

Access real-time visitor data to swiftly manage any situation or emergencies.

Access control

Stay in control of visitor flows by enabling passage through locked gates and doors with access codes.

Pre-register visitors on their smartphones

Remove the hassle of lengthy sign-in procedures. An automated pre-arrival message enables early registration. Upon arrival, they show a QR code from their phone to confirm their sign-in.

Don’t stop at the front desk

Automate everything you need for hosting meetings

Move beyond the front desk and embrace automation for seamless meeting management. We can transform your necessary evils into assets by ensuring that not only your guests are warmly welcomed, but meeting rooms are booked and needed safety inductions are taken care of at the same time. All with just a single click. The best part? You don’t have to overhaul your existing processes. Let automation effortlessly take care of your needs.

Why Systam One? Complete your visitor experience

Automatic notifications on every step of the visitor path

The host is notified of a visitor’s arrival via pre-selected channels. The notification also provides the option to send a response to the visitor or to provide access rights in real-time. After the meeting, a signing-off message gives a nice final polish to the visit by thanking the visitor and gives you the option to request feedback or to deliver marketing material after the visit.