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Safety inductions

Make sure people entering your premises are well-informed and prepared with verified safety inductions.

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Elevate your safety standards 

Our safety induction solution is a must-have, especially if your premises are a high-risk environment such as a factory. But even in office sites, you are still responsible for your visitors’, service providers’, and employees’ safety. That means explaining any precautions that need to be taken when entering your premises. This helps to lower risks and protects you from liability.

How it works

Complete before or on-site

The main reason why it’s necessary for anyone entering your premises to complete safety inductions is because it will help to keep them safe. Systam One safety induction solution enables you to prepare safety training and materials that can be completed with any device before arrival or on-site.

People who have already completed their induction beforehand will skip this part of the on-site sign-in flow, and anyone who hasn’t will be required to do so before entering your premises.

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Custom inductions for different groups

Ensure that required safety guidelines are provided for visitors, contractors, drivers, and other service providers. For example, drivers can be required to perform and present verification of their completed induction before they are allowed access to the goods transport or logistics areas. You can also use the solution to meet the standards of your field – for example completing crucial hygiene inductions within food industry facilitations.

Tool for employee inductions and onboarding

You can send induction invites directly from the Systam One dashboard. Invites include a link to the required induction and can be accessed regardless of time, place, or device.

Use it for employee onboarding or internal communications. When there is a need to pass on essential information to the right people and document it reliably, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy automated meeting management with One

Great hosts need more tools than just safety inductions. Ensuring a comprehensive visiting experience includes so much more from invitations to meeting room booking. Systam One has everything your business and people need to be a great host. We ensure your guests are warmly welcomed, meeting rooms are booked and needed inductions are taken care of with just a single familiar click.

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