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Make tasty encounters with efficiency

Transform your food industry operations into a recipe for success with automated visitor management and hygiene inductions.

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Food manufacturers are up against a lot these days, from following strict food safety rules and hygiene to keeping an eye on employee and visitor safety in high-risk environments Cloud-based visitor management software can be crucial in solving these problems. And even better, when it comes with built-in safety inductions.

The recipe for safer, smoother visits

Welcome to the new era of food industry. Every guest’s arrival and registration is now a seamless fusion of automation and security, designed to enhance every experience. Our solution excels here, transforming sign-ins, hygiene inductions, and access control. We protect your data and elevate your brand. With Systam One, you don’t just meet expectations – you set new benchmarks.

Get swept away with benefits

Transform every encounter

From arrival instructions to quick sign-in, we make every visit a standout experience.

Maximize savings

Thanks to automation, you can say goodbye to manual work and hello to savings in time and money.

Exceed compliance goals

From industry-based audits to GDPR, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Elevate security measures

Enhance your site’s safety with top-tier access control and verified hygiene inductions.

All-in-One solution that underlines efficiency.

Easy invites

No need to change your existing routines – send invites from your calendar with just a single click.

Pre-arrival messages & mobile sign-ins

Keep your visitors in the loop with detailed instructions and ensure smooth sign-ins.

Multilingual reception 24/7

Our self-service kiosks don’t just speak multiple languages; they speak convenience and ease.

Visitor badges

Custom badges add a professional touch and double as your access solution.

Instant notifications

Stay informed and on top of visitor arrivals with automated and real-time notifications.

Streamlined inductions

Ensure everyone is well-briefed on hygiene and safety, whether completed in advance or on-site.

Comprehensive oversight

Manage real-time data and detailed reports with ease, utilizing insights for enhanced facility management.

Crafting access control

When visiting food industry plants or other premises, your guests may need access through locked gates and doors. With Systam One, you can easily manage access, ensuring that only the right people can navigate to the right places. Hosts can selectively authorize access, allowing visitors to use either badges or mobile phones as digital keys.

Mastering safety and hygiene inductions

With Systam One, safety inductions are always accessible, verified, compliant, and seamlessly integrated into the visitor experience. Utilize the solution for a variety of needs, including safety training, hygiene inductions, signing NDAs, and managing internal communications.

Explore safety inductions

Compliance covered

We’re not just about the digital advantage; we’re about ensuring you’re always audit-ready and GDPR-compliant. Every step documented, stored, and managed with the highest data security standards.

Escape from ordinary with dedicated kiosk options

Elevate your front desk with our dedicated self-service kiosks, making the most of every encounter even without personnel. Greet your visitors with video instructions and multiple language options. Empowering both expected and ad-hoc guests to sign themselves in effortlessly.

Visitor management solution provides the necessary hardware to complete your lobby setup.

All meeting management in One

Systam One offers you so much more than just visitor management and hygiene inductions. Let automation take care of your needs by transforming necessary evils into your biggest assets. That means your guests are warmly welcomed, hygiene inductions taken care of, and meeting rooms booked all with just One click. Too good to be true? Let us show you the way!

Why Systam One? Complete your visitor experience

Transform every visit into a tasty experience

Glide into a brighter future with Systam One. Enhancing the convenience, security, and efficiency of managing your food processing facility’s visitor flow.