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Get connected and discover the easiest way to invite guests while ensuring a top-notch visitor and brand experience.

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Getting frustrated with using multiple tools for hosting guests? Invitations, sign-in instructions, and safety inductions take a lot of work. And then you forgot to book the meeting room. Damn! What if we told you, there is an easier way? That booking a meeting would automatically take care of invites, inductions and meeting rooms. While ensuring a smooth arrival and a great experience.

Memorable experiences without a doubt

Eliminate any doubt or uncertainty before your visitors even arrive. Systam One enables you to send great-looking branded pre-arrival messages with all the needed instructions, inductions, and visit details to make arrival as smooth as possible. There is nothing more stress relieving than knowing exactly where you are going and what to expect.

Not just features, but experiences.

Easy invites

No need to mess up your routine. You can invite guests directly from your preferred calendar like you’re used to.

Instant notifications

We’ll keep you and your visitors on top of things with automatic pre-arrival messages and notifications.

Self-service kiosks

No need for front desk personnel. Smooth the way 24/7 and welcome your visitors with multilingual self-service kiosks.

Access control

Stay in control of visitor flows by enabling passage through locked gates, doors, and elevators with access codes.

Save time and provide a hassle-free sign-in

Don’t allow your front desk to slow things down. No more rushing to locate staff when visitors show up, scribbling name tags, or hunting for signed documents. Whether you want to ease the life of your front desk staff or fully automate visitor sign-ins, the goal is to save time that would otherwise be spent filling out forms and waiting for manual check-in procedures.

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Keep your brand in front

Show your true colors! Our visitor cards and kiosks are designed to be not just functional but also a canvas for your brand aesthetics. In addition to your company logo, the home screen on the self-service kiosks can be customized with your desired background color or image.

Visitor management solution provides the necessary hardware to complete your lobby setup.

Don’t stop at front desk

Automate everything you need for hosting meetings

Move beyond the front desk and embrace automation for seamless meeting management. We can transform your necessary evils into assets by making sure that not only your guests are warmly welcomed, but meeting rooms are booked and needed safety inductions taken care of at the same time. All with just a single click. The best part? You don’t have to overhaul your existing processes. Let automation effortlessly take care of your needs.

Why Systam One?

Complete control for seamless experience

Visitor management

Transform your front desk with smart automation and welcome your guests seamlessly.

Safety inductions

Make sure people entering your premises are well-informed and prepared with verified safety inductions.

Room booking

Say no to meeting madness. Book free spaces with your own calendar or easily find rooms available right now.

Cut costs, boost efficiency

By introducing a visitor management solution, businesses can drastically reduce the overhead of staffing a front desk. Automating visitor sign-ins streamlines the reception process and allows your team to allocate human resources more effectively, focusing on strategic tasks that drive growth.

Data transparency and why it matters

When dealing with visitors, it all comes down to data. But data transparency is an opportunity, not a burden. Informing about the processing of personal data must be done in compliance with the GDPR, but it matters how you do it. The majority of people want control over the information they share with companies.

That’s why our solution collects only necessary data and endorses our customers to be clear and open on how the data is stored and used. By making consent clear and accessible you make sure, you are building trust and letting your visitors know you care.