Office & multi-tenant buildings

Optimize your premises with smart solutions

Organization-based settings enable the customization of visitor flows, even in multi-tenant office buildings.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiently managing office spaces and visitor interactions is more crucial than ever. Visitor management systems not only enhance security by regulating who enters and exits the premises but also streamline the visitor experience, making it seamless and professional. For multi-tenant office buildings, a robust visitor management solution becomes indispensable. It ensures that each visit is logged, monitored, and managed precisely while allowing tenant-specific settings.

Offer a warm welcome with One difference

Systam One offers a dynamic blend of automated visitor management, safety inductions, and room booking seamlessly integrated into your office or multi-tenant building operations. From casual guests to thousands of daily visitors, our solution brings you the best tools to host meetings with charm.

Why Systam One? Complete your visitor experience

Solutions that will exceed your stakeholders’ and tenants’ expectations

Visitor management

Transform your front desk with smart automation and welcome your guests seamlessly.

Safety inductions

Make sure people entering your premises are well-informed and prepared with verified safety inductions.

Room booking

Say no to meeting madness. Book free spaces with your own calendar or easily find rooms available right now.

Double the benefits for you and your premises.

Increase security

Take control of your visitor flow and safeguard people and premises.


Make operational excellence

Save time and money with a fully automated solution.

Comply and secure

Stay ahead with GDPR-friendly practices and secure data handling.

Customize and enjoy insights

Tailor visitor paths with ease and take advantage of detailed analytics.

Craft unique visitor journeys

Systam One is designed to meet the unique needs of every property and tenant. With the ability to create individual workspaces, you can customize every aspect of the visitor path from the ground up.

Craft personalized pre-arrival messages and set up essential inductions. Each setting is easily adjustable to meet your specific preferences – with just a single click, you can customize the sign-in experience or choose how to communicate with hosts and visitors.

Master your premises access control with ease

Ensure secure and selective access throughout your premises – from the main entrance to restricted areas. Systam One empowers tenants and employees to manage access permissions with ease so visitors can seamlessly navigate through locked doors and gates using their badges or mobile phones as keys.

Redefine your front desk

Introduce an elevated sign-in experience with Systam One’s self-service kiosks – whether using our dedicated devices or your tablet. Positioned for maximum impact, our kiosks offer multilingual video guidance and support, ensuring every visitor feels welcomed and well-informed.

Setting the standards for compliance

With Systam One, being audit-ready and GDPR-compliant is the standard. We ensure that every step, from visitor documentation to data management, meets the highest security and compliance benchmarks.

Experience the next generation of multi-tenancy

Step into the future of multi-tenancy, where every visit transforms into an opportunity to showcase unmatched efficiency, security, and hospitality.