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We are a tight-knit team with a mission to improve the daily life of workplaces. Because we care. And hope you do too.

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Our story

It all began as far as 2006, in Tampere Finland, when Anssi, a young techie student and our current CEO, heard the business world’s need for an easier way to welcome corporate guests. There was no such concept as visitor management back then, at least not in its current meaning. So, we felt we were on to something special. And so, Systam was born.

As our knowledge of customer needs and the future potential of our “automated lobby” solution grew, so did our thirst to succeed. We wanted to make complex things simple and create positive interactions through technology. Soon our company became the market leader for visitor management in Finland, and our product portfolio grew with safety inductions and meeting room displays for room booking.

The global pandemic in 2020 accelerated the market for smart office solutions and complex platforms, trying to solve every aspect of the future workplace. We felt like it was time to remind us of our roots and what we do best; to create something simple, that makes everybody’s life a bit easier while adding value through efficiency.

The mind-blowing speed of technological development, especially with AI, takes us more and more to everyday life, where things happen automatically, and everything is connected. But at the heart of it, are still us. The people and the encounters. That hasn’t changed.

So say hello to Systam One. The friendly face for your business. A solution that combines visitor management, safety inductions, and room bookings under one click; transforming your workplace necessities into assets and making hosting of visitors seamless.

Meet, greet, repeat – effortlessly

Our mission

To improve the daily life of workplaces

Our solutions automate routines, remove stress, and create better experiences. That means less of the usual fuss and more happy people.

Our vision

To create value, that our customers can’t imagine living without

We want to be the world’s number one choice in transforming the workplace’s necessary evils into assets. And to make ourselves irreplaceable.

Our values

We trust

ourselves, our teammates and the power of cooperation.

We dare

to get excited, ask questions and challenge ourselves.

We care

about each other and the success of our customers.

Where to find us

Tampere HQ

Hermiankatu 6 A
33720 Tampere, Finland


Jaakonkatu 3
01620 Vantaa, Finland


Muovitie 1
15860 Hollola, Finland


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