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Introducing Systam One VMS

The One software that cares for your visitors 

(and keeps you covered too)

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An all-in-one visitor management system that combines the best visitor experiences with safety inductions, resource bookings, access control features and other integrations into one visitor path.

Key features

Automated visitor sign-in

Simple sign-in using a tablet or our dedicated device.

Instant notifications

Automatically notify employees when their guests arrive.

Badge printing

Professional and custom badge creation and printing.

Secure visitor records

Detailed visitor information in case of any emergencies.

Analytics and reporting

Run reports to pass audits and review visitor analytics.

Access control

Utilize integrations to control how visitors access and move around in your premises.

Companies that rely on us



For you


  • Protects people and premises while staying compliant with GDPR
  • Enables a smooth and efficient everyday life while saving costs
  • Elevates a positive company image
  • Keeps you futureproof with seamless integrations

For your visitor


  • Feeling well-informed and welcome
  • Effortless arrival and signing in
  • Transparent personal data processing and privacy
  • Proper inductions for a safe visit
  • A positive and memorable experience

Easy management from One platform – all features, all locations

Our visitor management system is built on a single platform to make everything easy, allow the combining of data, and enable seamless integrations. It displays all your data on a real-time dashboard that lets you manage locations, daily visitor flows, configure account settings, and much more.

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Systam One visitor management software displays your daily visitor flows on a real-time dashboard.

Add-on modules for a full experience

Coming soon

Digital inductions

Take care of required safety inductions before or at the time of the visit.

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Meeting room booking

Easily find and book free spaces for meetings
and incoming visitors.

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Multitenant by nature

— Hey property manager, here’s a tip.

Systam One is designed for multitenant buildings to ensure your property meets today’s needs. With one and the same service, you have a unified process for visitor management, while enabling company-specific settings.

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In multi-tenant buildings, companies can customize their visitor paths with modern visitor management software.
Rely on us – we've been working with visitor management systems since 2006.

We create digital visitor journeys for companies that care

We’ve been successfully working with visitor management systems as our main product since 2006. So, we know a thing or two.

That is why we are on a path to revolutionize visitor management from a cold corporate necessity to an asset that promotes caring all around.

So, say hi to Systam One, the way of the future.

Why Systam One

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