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Greet, meet, repeat – effortlessly

Redefine the joy of first encounters – Systam One isn’t just intelligent, it’s the trustworthy face of your business.

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Everything a smart host needs in One

Systam One transforms your necessary evils into assets. We ensure your guests are warmly welcomed, meeting rooms are booked and needed inductions are taken care of with just One familiar click.

Craft your own path

Visitor management

Take control of your visitor traffic and welcome your guests with a simple and automated visitor management solution.

Safety inductions

Ensure needed inductions are easily taken care of even before people enter your premises.

Room booking

Make room booking effortless, improve the use of your facilities, and forget about looking for free spaces.

Ease of daily life – for everyone


  • Cut down workload and costs while increasing operational efficiency.
  • Ensure proper data handling at all points according to GDPR.
  • Enjoy the convenience of One solution instead of multiple software.
  • Be the friendly face for visitors, partners and employees.


  • Simplify daily routines and reduce stress.
  • No need to train staff or change your ways.
  • Stay informed about visitor arrivals, scheduled meetings, and verified inductions.
  • Benefit from centralized control and use from your own calendar.

Discover the versatile power of One

Explore how our trustworthy solutions can transform different environments across various industries and use cases.

The automated front desk

Don’t let your reception be a bottleneck. Streamline welcome with front desk automation.

A complete visitor experience in One

Get connected and discover the easiest way to invite guests while ensuring a top-notch visitor and brand experience.

Office & multi-tenant buildings

Organization-based settings allow customizing of visitor flows even in multi-tenant office buildings.

Food industry facilities

Transform your food industry operations into a recipe for success with automated visitor management and hygiene inductions.

Multitenant by nature

— Hey property manager, here’s a tip.

Systam One is designed for multitenant buildings to ensure your property meets today’s needs. With One service, you get a unified process, while enabling company-specific settings. We made it easy for you to exceed your tenants’ expectations by adjusting and modifying the solution to meet your properties unique requirements.

In multi-tenant buildings, companies can customize their visitor paths with modern visitor management software.

Your experts for better workplaces

We’ve been successfully working with IT solutions for smarter workplaces since 2006. So, we know a thing or two. Our vision is to transform the workplace’s necessary evils into assets. We want to make our customers shine while providing them with value they can’t imagine living without. One meeting at a time.

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