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Share key information before arrival

Coming to a planned meeting can often make you unsure about things like the time, place, parking, or signing in. Providing a clear message with instructions to the person coming over is a simple way to clear up that uncertainty. Plus, it helps make your company look impressive.

With Systam One you can create great-looking branded pre-arrival messages with all the needed instructions, inductions, and visit details to make arrival as smooth as possible.

Save time and provide a hassle-free sign-in

Don’t allow your front desk to slow things down. Whether you want to ease the life of your front desk staff or fully automate visitor sign-in, the result is that your visitors save time that would otherwise be spent filling out forms and waiting for manual check-in procedures.

Also, offering your sign-in process in a variety of languages is a surefire way to improve the experience of your visitors.



Keep your brand in front

Show your true colors! In addition to your company logo, the home screen on the self-service kiosks can also be customized with your desired background color or image.

Visitor cards…?

Data transparency and why it matters

When dealing with visitors, it all comes down to data. But data transparency is an opportunity, not a burden. Informing about the processing of personal data must be done in compliance with the GDPR, but it matters how you do it.

The majority of people want control over the information they share with companies. That’s why our solution collects only necessary data and endorses our customers to be clear and open on how the data is stored and used. By making consent clear and accessible you make sure, you are building trust and letting your visitors know you care.

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