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Visitor management redefined

Automate your visitor flow

Take control of your visitor traffic and welcome your guests with a simple and automated visitor management solution.

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It’s time to upgrade your visitor management

A single visitor should no longer need to log their arrival on paper. In today’s world, every organization should keep tabs on who comes in and out of their premises and also take an interest in the visitor experience.

Systam One visitor management solution ensures data security and GDPR compliance, enhances people’s safety, and saves time, money, and nerves. It makes it easy to invite and welcome visitors – even completely independently – and provides an excellent first impression with its smoothness.

How it works

Before the

  1. Easy invites using your own calendar
  2. A notification for the visitor with pre-arrival instructions, registration, and needed inductions
  3. Individual PIN code for a smooth arrival

During the visit

  1. Quick sign-in with the PIN code
  2. Badge printing
  3. Notification to the host
  4. A great meeting!

After the visit

  1. Easy sign-out with the visitor badge
  2. Visitor data safely in the cloud
  3. Message to thank or collect feedback

Automatic notifications on every step of the visitor path

The pre-arrival message sent to the visitor along with related instructions will ensure a smooth arrival.

Hosts are notified of the arrival of a visitor via pre-selected channels, such as email or an SMS.

A signing-off message gives a nice final polish to the visit by thanking the visitor and gives you the option to request feedback.

Check all the boxes

Increase safety

Protect people and your premises right from the start. Know who is present on your premises and manage the flow of people. Prepare safety inductions and send emergency notifications.

Boost efficiency

Save time and money by automizing processes. Create a smooth and seamless visitor flow that makes life easier for you and your visitors.

Protect data

Cover your a** when it comes to audits and regulations. Comply with the GDPR and protect your guests privacy. Systam One gives you total control over your visitor data and visibility.

Elevate your brand

Show guests that you care about their experience from the moment they’re invited. Provide a premium, customizable experience while keeping your brand in front.

Power your front desk with better tools

Systam One Dashboard boosts your front desk and provides an easy way of managing visitors and system settings.

It enables the signing in of arriving and departing visitors, conveying arrival notifications to the hosts, printing out visitor badges, monitoring of induction performance and exporting of reports.

Systam One visitor management solution is developed in cooperation with the front desk personnel.
Visitor management solution provides the necessary hardware to complete your lobby setup.

World of kiosk options

Depending on the setup of your lobby area, you can choose to secure your sign-in with your choice of devices.

Use your own tablet. Or leave the responsibility to us and utilize our dedicated devices with support and remote control.

In multi-tenant buildings, companies can customize their visitor paths with modern visitor management software.

Solution that scales
to your business

For a single site or a hundred, we’ve got you covered. Our platform is designed to take over the world, just like you. As a cloud-based visitor management solution it stores and enables the management of visitor data in a centralized database that can be accessed from any location, providing scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

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